Manual Mobilization of the Joints, Vol 2: The Spine

This classic Kaltenborn text focuses on basic evaluation and mobilization of the spine with an emphasis on biomechanical principles.


In this volume, each assessment and treatment technique is clearly illustrated showing patient positioning, stabilization of the patient and therapist hand placement. It also contains an expanded description of objectives, advanced techniques and grades of translatoric movement. Progression from a test maneuver to a mobilization technique is clearly demonstrated.

The updated 7th edition presents many clarifications for ease of learning, and also includes access to a video download of the techniques with more than 165 video clips. The video allows the practitioner to observe subtleties in movement, timing, and positioning performed by a skilled master clinician.

This book is a companion to Manual Mobilization of the Joints, Volume­ I: The Extremities.

Written by Freddy Kaltenborn, 2018.

About this book

This book series is intended for beginning students of manual mobilization. It is not our intention to present all possible manual mobilization theories and techniques, but rather to present the most basic theory and skills necessary for safe and effective use of this treatment approach. Techniques were specially selected to be safe in the hands of entry-level manual therapy learners.

We made great effort to present the biomechanical principles upon which our techniques are based in their most simple and clear form. These concepts form an important foundation for diagnosis and treatment of physiological joint movement restrictions.

Previous editions

1st edition, 1964 Frigjoring av Ryggraden [Norwegian]
1st edition, 1970 Mobilization of the Spine [English]
2nd edition, 1975 Mobilization of the Spine
3rd edition, 1996 The Spine: Basic Evaluation and Mobilization Techniques
4th edition, 2003 Manual Mobilization of the Joints, Volume 2, The Spine

1st printing 2003
2nd printing 2005 updated

5th edition, 2009 Manual Mobilization of the Joints, Volume 2, The Spine
6th edition, 2012 Manual Mobilization of the Joints, Volume 2, The Spine
7th edition, 2018 Manual Mobilization of the Joints, Volume 2, The Spine

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7th ed. 2018
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6th ed. 2012
Spanish OMT España

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